How to Care for your Marble & Acacia Serving Board

Yay! You got your custom laser-engraved marble and acacia cutting board in the mail! This board is perfect for a charcuterie display, for serving snacks at a get-together, or just displaying on a counter or shelf (like mine!). Learn how to keep it looking great for years to come!


Hand-wash only with warm soapy water. While marble is a very durable stone, you don’t want to damage your beautiful engraving in the dishwasher.

When washing, be sure to get any food or dirt out of the engraving. You don’t want that to hang around!


The marble sections are perfect for serving cheeses or other temperature-sensitive items, as marble stays naturally cool!

I would recommend slicing the cheese before serving. The wood could be damaged by knife marks if you cut directly on your serving board.

There are some beautiful options for cheese knifes that would look wonderful with your new board!


If the wood starts showing signs of wear, you can use a food-safe wood conditioner to restore it.

First, clean and dry the wood. Then, apply the wood conditioner with a soft cloth or paper towel. Once the conditioner has soaked into the item, buff off any excess with a clean cloth. Having excess conditioner on a wood board will make it feel sticky or oily.


Store on a shelf or hang from a hook! Make sure the board doesn’t get too cold or too hot (i.e. don’t freeze the board or put it in the oven)

That’s all there is to it! Have more questions? Leave me a comment below. Want more engraved marble products? Let me know what you would like to see in the Maraculous Studios Etsy store!
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