How to Write an Etsy Product Description that Sells (with FREE template)

There are a lot of parts involved in your Etsy product listing. The title, the photos, the description, the tags, the price. Whew! And getting them all right is important to making that sale.

So what do you need in an Etsy product description? And how can you write the description quickly when listing a new product? Let me show you.

What to put in your Etsy Product Description

Buyers read the description to get all the dirty details about a product. You should put everything that a customer needs to know before making a purchase. If you find yourself writing the same thing over and over on multiple products, consider writing an FAQ.

Short or Long Description?

Etsy officially recommends a description of 500 characters or less. But they don’t penalize listings with longer descriptions in search, so you can add details if necessary. Just try to avoid being too wordy and make sure to format with bullets and spacing so it’s easily readable.

Etsy officially recommends a description of 500 characters or less. But they don’t penalize listings with longer descriptions in search

Types of Information

There are many different types of information to put in your Etsy product description, and it will differ depending on your market, whether the product is hand-made or vintage, if the product is customizable, and more. Here are a few potential ideas to get started.

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Basic Product Information


Provide exact dimensions of the product in every direction. If you sell a lot internationally, provide dimensions in centimeters/meters as well as inches/ft.


What is it made out of? Are there any allergy concerns? Is the material sustainable?


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Are there color options? Computer screens can make colors look a little funky, so using descriptive terms to describe colors (instead of vague designer-y ones like ‘Ocean Gray’) is helpful.

Customization instructions

If the product is customizable, I like to provide step-by-step instructions for the buyer so there is no confusion.

What am they getting?

Write out EXACTLY what the buyer will be getting when they purchase this listing. This can help especially if you have staged photos or if you are selling a kit.

Care Instructions

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How to wash and care for the item in the future. Can it go in the washer or dishwasher? If a kid draws on it with marker, is it ruined?

Who is it for?

Is the product specifically aimed at one group? Can children or infants have it?

Shop Information

Some of these items could also belong in Frequently Asked Questions, but you may find that putting them in listing descriptions helps you win more sales. Experiment to see if your buyers like seeing this information displayed in the listing description!

Shipping Times

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Especially since COVID has interrupted regular USPS shipping times, I like to include a prominent disclaimer about my shipping times and how long it might take the item to get to the buyer. This helps set expectations and avoid any negative reviews!

Return Policy

If the item doesn’t fit, is the buyer stuck with it? Can they return a product if they don’t like it? How long do they have to do so?

Shop Environment

Is the shop smoke-free? Are pets allowed in the shop?

Social Media

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While Etsy doesn’t auto-create links to social media for you, you may want to include your Instagram handle if you are active on social media. That can be a good way to tell buyers to post pictures of their new purchase.


Links to related Products or Store Sections

If the buyer isn’t loving this product, you can still get a sale by telling them about similar products (cross-selling). Include a link to another product or section of your store and Etsy will auto-link to it from your description!

Link to Contact You

At the very end of the description, I like to include a link to send me a message on Etsy. This helps with any buyers who might be confused. If you sell custom items, you can also include a prompt to get in touch if they are looking for something extra special.

How to Organize an Etsy Product Description

You’ve picked out the important pieces of information to put in the description. Now how to organize it?

Always work from most important down. The first couple sentences are going to be key, as they will be seen by Google and other search engines, so treat those separately, as a keyword-heavy promotion of the product.

Then in a new paragraph, start including the rest of the information. Short sentences and bullet points can be very helpful! You want buyers to be able to scan quickly to get the information they need without having to read an entire page!

Using a Template to Quickly Setup an Etsy Product Description

I have discovered a spreadsheet is a great way to setup an Etsy product description template. I’ve included a free Google Sheets template here!

etsy product description free template
Click to make a copy of my Etsy product description template!

How to use the Template

1. Save a copy of the spreadsheet to your own Google Drive by clicking File > Make a Copy. Now you can edit it!

Making a copy of the Free Etsy product description template

2. Review all the Information Types available in the first column. I’ve provided all the options outlined above, but not all of them will make sense for your business.

To delete one, delete the whole row by right-clicking and tapping ‘Delete Row’. Just DON’T DELETE the first row of information (row #5), or the Generated Description won’t work!

To add a row, pick any row and right-click > Insert 1 Below.

3. Start filling out the Text for your latest product listing. The most important row is the first one – “1-2 line short description, SEO ready“. After that, organize the description in decreasing order of importance.

The Generated Description field will update with your new listing description as you go!

4. Save copy that you like in the ‘Example’ column. That way, creating new product descriptions is a cinch! All you need to do is Copy / Paste the text over from the Example column into the Text column.

5. Optimize the Search Engine Description Snippet to make sure your listing looks good on Google. You can find this preview on the far right, in cell E5. Make sure the snippet has lots of keywords and isn’t too wordy.

Search Engine Description Preview in the Free Etsy Product Description Template

*NOTE* This Search Engine Description Preview is not endorsed by Google or any other search engine

6. Add re-usable links to sections of your store or bestselling products in the Link Locations sheet. Add them in using the drop-down menu in row 17 for quick cross-selling opportunities!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the advice in this spreadsheet officially supported by Etsy?

No, this is advice that I have personally found to work for my Etsy store and from analysis of other high-performing stores.

Why are all the sections of my product description smushed together without any spaces between them?

Spreadsheets don’t like paragraphs or line breaks very much so you need to manually add them in when you copy/paste from your spreadsheet to Etsy.

When I copy/paste into Etsy, there are apostrophes ” ” around my description

Sorry, that’s the way the formula works. Just remember to remove them!

Can I share this spreadsheet with my friends? Or make edits to the way it works?

Absolutely! But please don’t sell it. Be cool about it 😉

I have more questions or feedback

Drop me a line!

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