Confessions from someone who laser-engraves everything! 😂

Hi! I’m Amanda and I’m obsessed with laser-cutting and engraving everything around me. I love to create unique, personalized items for you with my Glowforge laser printer.

Maraculous Studios

Maraculous Studios is my Etsy store where I sell my laser-cut items!


I am also obsessed with dollhouses and tiny things. I run another store where I sell only laser-cut items for dollhouses! Check it out at mnminimarket.com!

My other hobbies

I love interior design. Stay tuned for blog posts about my journey updating our new house!

My 2 cats Ricky and Colby are my babies. You will see them pop up on my Instagram feed a lot!

I love reading! Click here to learn more about what I’m reading right now and visit me on Goodreads or Bookshop.org
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